Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ketubot perek zayin mishnah zayin

Ha-mekadesh et ha-isha al menat she'eyn bah mumin....
Al menat, al menat, al menat.
All summer they told me: One does not get married on condition.
You love her? Then you love her.
Mumin and all? Mumin and all.
Kol ha-mumin ha-poslin ba-kohanim --
I stand here before you in full blemished regalia.
You stand there before us, your fingers in V's, blessing us all from on high.
Can anyone see you beneath there? No matter.

And then it is as that moment at the end of anim z'mirot
I stand poised, waiting for the ark to close
The melody hangs in the air, then this:
Poslin ba-nashim, and I stand there no more.


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