Monday, September 25, 2006

John Keats in the Summer Shuk

No mellow fruitfulness this summer: Reds
Crown softened hearts that set us free, once fast-
Held, still-to-be-enjoyed, they rear their heads
These berries-of-the-field: Now spring is past.

Next June is kissed goodbye with sticky lips
As pink-to-green anticipates the fall
To sidewalks, sinks; must we say, given pits,
One pepper proves superior to them all?

A weapon's thrown at season's end: Like blood
Be-spattered on the walls. Once more assay
The bitter-sweet, but waken not the bud
Until it please; Then put the pearls away.

The market fills with ripeness to the core--
Conspire to bless (if not the fruit) their lore.


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