Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sonnet: Ketubot 65a

Abayey's wife, named Choma, came to court
She barked, "Dole out my food!" So Rava did.
She then said, "Next my wine – now be a sport."
Fair Rava said, "I can't do as you bid."

"But hubby dear served wine in glasses tall!
How tall, you ask? I'll show you." Choma raised
Her hands above her head; her sleeves did fall
Revealing shoulders bright. So Rava gazed.

Quick, quick ran Rava home, his loins aflame
And laid his wife to bed. She gasped: "Explain!
Who was in court?" "Er…Choma was her name."
His wife's eyes flashed in envy, rage, disdain.

So Rava's wife beat Choma to the ground:
"You've killed three men," she screamed. "Now leave this town!"


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