Monday, February 25, 2008

Sonnet: Nedarim 25b

One man lent cash. His friend did not return
The cash but claimed he had. So both men came
To Rava who ruled in a voice most stern:
"Don't tell me. Go to court and say the same."

The borrower arrived at court and leaned
Upon a cane, which secretly alone
He'd stuffed with all the borrowed cash. The fiend!
He handed it to he who'd made the loan

And took the Torah scroll in hand and swore:
"I gave it back." The lender's cheeks did burn
Incensed, he broke the cane. And to the floor
Fell all the coins he'd lent. And thus we learn:

A borrower or lender you may be
But swear so others hear you truthfully.


Blogger rbarenblat said...

I love the idea of rendering Talmud in sonnets. Wonderful.

11:06 PM  

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