Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I cannot be bothered
To wear different clothes every day.
In my city, the weather changes from week to week;
Once I find a suitable outfit for Sunday,
I wear it until the weather turns.

They say that the weather is forecasted; I don’t know where.
I wouldn’t know what to read, what dials to turn.
Sometimes a friend will say: Hey!
Tomorrow it’s going to rain!
And then I remember, or don’t, to wear boots.
I keep an umbrella with me at all times, just in case.
Sometimes I take it out of my bag in a downpour;
Sometimes I cannot be bothered.

At night I eat ice cream in plastic containers;
For lunch I pack lentils and rice
In rinsed-out ice cream containers.
Every day: Lentils, rice, and ice cream.
I cannot be bothered.

You would look lovely in make-up!
And why don’t you style your hair?
Can you see why I recommend contacts?
I hear you, but cannot be bothered.

Stockings are tight
Casseroles need time
Lipstick takes practice
Fashion requires a sense.

I am tight on time, and lack practical sense. In short,
I would if I could and I can but I won’t
I’m sorry—
I cannot be bothered.